Tollin / Robbins – Film and Television Production Company

Tollins/Robbins Productions is a film and TV production company, named after and run by Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins.

Latest news: currently in production: Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride (IMDB link).

This is an unofficial website compiling material from the original site as well as other sources around the ‘net. The current owners of have no affiliation with Tollin/Robbins Productions and make no claim to authorship or copyright of any materials presented herein.

Please direct any inquiries to Tollin/Robbins Productions, 10960 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA. Phone: 818-766-5005 (address and telephone verified as of October 16, 2010)

Some of Tollins/Robbins most notable and popular television credits include the current SMALLVILLE and ONE TREE HILL series.

Also, Tollin/Robbins is primarily responsible for Amanda Bynes’ television (and subsequent film) career. This young actress appeared in their television productions of ALL THAT, THE AMANDA SHOW, THE NIGHTMARE ROOM, and WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU, along with the film, BIG FAT LIAR. Guess these producers like her, huh?

Here below is a full list of Tollins/Robbins productions, both in television and film:

1994 – 2005 All That
1996 – 2000 Kenan and Kel
1998 – 2001 Cousin Skeeter
1999 – 2002 The Amanda Show
2000 Hype
2001 – present Smallville
2001 – 2002 The Nightmare Room
2002 – 2003 The Nick Cannon Show
2002 – 2003 Slamball
2002 – 2006 What I Like About You
2002 – 2003 Birds of Prey
2003 – 2004 I’m With Her
2003 – present One Tree Hill
2004 The Days
2005 Global Frequency
2005 Inconceivable
2006 Crumbs
2006 Bonds on Bonds
2007 The Bronx is Burning

1993 Hardwood Dreams
1995 The Show
1995 Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream
1997 Good Burger
2000 Ready to Rumble
2001 Summer Catch
2001 Hardball
2002 Big Fat Liar
2003 Radio
2004 The Perfect Score
2005 Coach Carter
2005 Dreamer
2007 Norbit
2007 Wild Hogs

Across this site, we’ll take a look at some of Tollins/Robbins more popular productions, such as ONE TREE HILL, SMALLVILLE, BIG FAT LIAR, and NORBIT.

Overall there were some real winners in there. I know that I personally enjoyed a few of these fantastic creations. I think that if you say you did not enjoy any of them, I would have to guess you had never really seen any of them because some of them are really quit good. There is just something about some of these comedies that had me rolling around on the floor when I first saw them and I am sure that given the chance you would likely find the humor good as well. I understand if you don’t have time to just watch every movie that ever comes our but I also know that my recommendation should count for something. You see, I am not one to just throw my allegiance around all willy – nilly like that… If I say it’s good, you can count on one thing. It’s Good! Get out there and take a look at some of these movies. Find one that you can get down with on the premise and check it out…

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