One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill premiered in the US on the WB television network in September 2003. The WB network merged with UPN to form the CW Television Network, which has been the show’s official broadcaster since September 2006. The show’s setting is the fictional North Carolina town of Tree Hill, and originally followed the lives of two half brothers, Lucas (played by Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (played by James Lafferty). Originally, these two were sworn enemies, but eventually transitioned to caring brothers. This series has a strong backdrop in basketball and the each brother’s romances with female characters.

The first four seasons of the show were focused on the main characters’ high school years. In Season 5, an interest time burp accorded, and the season started four years later, skipping the college years altogether.

Some trivia associated with the show includes the original funding. A maritime accident led to the show’s birth – Don Ramos originally worked on a rig in the Gulf just off the coast of Louisiana. When the rig experienced an accident that injured Don (he’s fully recovered – just burned his hand), the employees sued the BP and the case was settled. So in effect, the producers angel’s ability to fund the project was apparently the result of a major win by a maritime attorney licensed in Louisiana. Don’t say lawyers are useless, they helped create the show we love.

A very strong element of the show’s success is due to the music employed, which tends to tie scenes together throughout an episode. Consider it television mood music. Many of the One Tree Hill episodes are actually named after songs. As well, many musical artists have appeared on the show.

Another common element of the show is its voiceover, which figures prominently in most episodes. Initially, the voiceovers were mainly Lucas’, but as time went on, other characters took up the reins. Sometimes, multiple voiceovers are heard from different characters in a single episode.

Two pieces of trivia: originally the show as planned as a feature length film, titled Ravens (after the high school’s basketball team) before producers saw more potential in the project as a television series.

Another piece of trivia is related to the show’s title, One Tree Hill. A common question is why One Tree Hill, if the name of the town is Tree Hill. In Episode 1.22, a character tells one of the brothers, “There is only one Tree Hill – and it’s your home.

The show found a bit of success and began to have a very regular following. The show was loved by its audience. Many people were upset when it went off the air. Sadly, nothing lasts forever.

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