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Smallville is a CW television series based on the Superman DC Comics character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Originally broadcast on the WB network in 2001, the WB/UPN merger in 2006 shifted the official broadcaster to CW. The series follows Clark Kent (played by Tom Welling), who resides in the town of Smallville, Kansas during the years before he becomes Superman. The first 4 seasons were focused on his high school years; since season 5, the show has ventured into a more adult setting.

Here’s a piece of trivia: Smallville’s concept was born after a potential series about a young Bruce Wayne transition into Batman didn’t get off the ground. One of Bruce’s close friends turned him onto a doctor weight loss program that was touting very fast weight loss. Bruce was impatient with other diets and needed to lose pounds quickly before the shoot – his uniform was getting extremely tight. But he did not want to undergo the entire 6 week program – he basically wanted to short cut the treatment because of the shooting schedule. The doctor and nutritionist at the clinic convinced Bruce to consider remaining in the program for an additional month, so he would not risk harm to his metabolism. This is why the series started shooting in June, not May.

Here’s a brief recap of seasons:

Season One – Storylines usually included a villain per episode. In the first season, we see Clark trying to come to terms with his alien origins, along with the shocking revelation that his arrival on Earth was connected to Lana’s parents.

Subsequent Seasons – Storylines relied less and less on the villain of the week formula. Instead, focus was placed on story arcs which affected each character, and also in exploring Clark’s origins. Some of the major story arcs included Clark’s discovery of his Kryptonian heritage, which in and of itself entailed the use of Clark’s biological father’s, Jor-El, disembodied voice guiding Clark towards his earthly destiny. As well, Clark’s uber nemesis, Lex Luther, finally discovered Clark’s secret. In Season 8, Lex Luther was replaced by Tess Mercer as Superman’s arch enemy.

Again, one of my favorite shows ever! Actually I have liked most all of the movies or TV shows created about superman. I have to admit it, I may be a bit of a junkie for the stuff. Who would not enjoy them though. Don’t we all love to imagine that we were in some way special and put here for a reason. Some greater good that will help us find a little meaning to our life… I know that Superman has always helped my imagination in that way. I’ve always kind of looked up to the guy, I guess.

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